Young dutch talent 'STRX' drops trap tune: 'Shadows'

Last updated Sep 13, 2023

Young dutch talent 'STRX' drops trap tune: 'Shadows'
Crafting mutli-layered bass and trap gems, while always keeping storytelling in the forefront, young Dutch talent STRX is shaping his own unique path within the music industry, fueled by his decade-long experience in playing the drums, as well as his extensive travels during his childhood. 

Marking his debut on acclaimed label Frequency Music, STRX has now enlisted Ava Silver for “Shadows,” which simultaneously marks one of his heaviest and most meaningful releases to date. STRX’s impressive artistic progression to a more mature and impactful sound shines bright on “Shadows,” which juxtaposes immersive atmospheres and pensive lyricism with a series of club-ready drops, that delve into trap, bass and psytrance. 

“Shadows” truly showcases STRX’s unmatched knack for crafting electronic anthems that are perfect for the club, yet are able to also connect with his audience on an emotional level. As he explains, “Shadows” is one of his most vulnerable singles thus far, created during a time of mental distress. 

“In the midst of the pandemic, I found myself feeling hopeless and somewhat depressed sometimes. The negative voices in my head naturally transferred onto the music script, even though I was trying to make uplifting club music. As a result of this crossover between energy & vulnerability, ‘Shadows’ was born. Due to the extent to which this feeling was relatable to Ava Silver, we managed to make a vocal that perfectly connected. All in all, we created a piece with a message that I hope people can relate to and get empowered by.” - STRX

‘SHADOWS’ is now available, check it out here!