Jack Shore kickstarts new journey with ‘Have You Ever Really Lived’

Last updated Sep 13, 2023

Jack Shore kickstarts new journey with ‘Have You Ever Really Lived’
Marking the first single off his forthcoming EP, which is slated to mark a new beginning in his career, Jack Shore is teaming up with Minneapolis singer and songwriter Michael Shynes to unveil “Have You Ever Lived” via Dutch tastemaker label Frequency Music. Struggling severely in school and dropping out at 17 to fully devote himself to making music, now at 21 years old Jack is pursuing and living off his dream with a drive that’s stronger than ever, all while carefully crafting his most mature music to date. 

“Have You Ever Lived” marks a stylistic change for Jack Shore. The talented artist has established himself as a trailblazer within the scene through his dancefloor-ready drops and viral remixes – which have allowed him to amass an audience of over 250k fans on TikTok. On “Have You Ever Lived,” he takes a rather pensive and mature approach, that is further explored through Michael Shynes’ powerful songwriting and performance. 

A dancefloor-ready tune with a number of synthpop elements and an energy that is perfect for the radio waves, “Have You Ever Lived” finds Jack Shore and Michael Shynes at their very best. Starting off with sparkly synth lines and minimal percussion, the tune quickly turns into a fully-blown showcase of top tier production and sound selection, while telling a lively and relatable story. 

“You're in a car, it’s midnight, and you’re driving feeling as the city lights flow pass your skin. That’s how I’d describe the energy and inspiration behind ‘Have You Ever Really Lived’. The song is the first in the EP and was also the first I produced setting the trajectory and energy of the project exactly where I envisioned - a world where everything around you is a movie and you’re the main character, but not a sad movie, a hopeful movie full of excitement and nostalgia.” – Jack Shore

'Have You Ever Really Lived' is now available, listen here!