DNIE & Stephen Geisler curate immersive electronic vibes on new single ‘Fossilized’

Last updated Sep 13, 2023

DNIE & Stephen Geisler curate immersive electronic vibes on new single ‘Fossilized’
Montenegro-based talent DNIE has made his anticipated return, sharing what might arguably be his most exciting single to date. Having debuted within the scene last year with “Hourglass” alongside Arkane Skye, a bass-heavy and guitar-driven single, and following that up with “Dream” with rapper Frizzy the Streetz, DNIE is slowly but surely captivating more and more fans through his striking visual imagery and immersive tunes, that seamlessly combine R&B, pop and electronic music. 

DNIE’s forthcoming single “Fossilized” features a haunting vocal performance from none other than Stephen Geisler, while making up for a stunning testament to the producer’s captivating style – as well as the first single of his forthcoming debut EP. Quickly getting into action, “Fossilized” features Geisler’s atmospheric vocals in the forefront, while minimal trap percussion and rumbling bass provide the perfect auditory bed for his topline to shine upon. The chorus, on the other hand, introduces an infectious guitar melody and deep bass stabs, a combination through which DNIE is able to guide his listeners through their most vulnerable moments. 

“Fossilized” is a deeply personal single for both artists, and certainly one that will only help them grow and further cement themselves as tastemakers within electronic music, and beyond. 

Listen to Fossilized here now!