20 Tiktok Video Ideas for Musicians in 2023

Last updated Sep 13, 2023

20 Tiktok Video Ideas for Musicians in 2023
TikTok has established itself as a necessity for musicians looking to expand their fan base, with over 1 billion monthly active users. TikTok provides an unique opportunity for artists to connect with fans and showcase their music thanks to its distinctive format and large user base. This blog article will give you 20 ideas for using TikTok to build your fanbase as a musician. Read on to learn how TikTok can advance your music career, whether you're an established artist or just getting started.

1. A Look Behind the Scenes
Snippets of your creative process, recording sessions, and the joy and excitement of your music video shoots are all great.

2. Live Video
Have you recently performed live? Record and share videos of them!

3. Music Tutorials
Teach your fans how to play your songs on instruments or share production tips.

4. Covers/Remixes
Share videos you create by covering or remixing well-known songs on TikTok.

5. Share Alternative Versions of Your Music
Take the song that your audience loves and record a new version of it.

6. An Early Listen to Your New Song
Are you planning a new release? Share a short snippet to generate excitement.

7. Music video teasers
To create anticipation for the release of your newest music video, share clips from it.

8. Collaboration Videos
Join forces with other musicians or TikTok creators to produce entertaining and fun content.

9. Studio/Setup Tour
Create content that is related to your musical workstation.

10. Behind The Lyrics
Explain the story behind the lyrics you wrote.

11. A Day in the Life
Fans are curious about what happens during the day in addition to your music. Bring them along on a journey and show them your daily activities. 

12. Album/Single Release Countdown
Share teasers in the days leading up to the release of your most recent album or single.

13. Music Industry Advice
Help starting musicians by sharing your experiences and expertise in the music business.

14. Fan Art
Share fan art to show your appreciation for their support.

15. React to Song Requests From Fans
Let your fans share music in the comments and react to the songs they sent you.

16. Fan Q&A
In a Q&A format, respond to fan questions to give your followers a deeper look into your life and music.

17. Live Streams
Interact with your fans in real-time and perform alternate takes on your songs via TikTok Live.

18. Rewrite a Verse From a Popular Song.
Rewrite a verse from a popular TikTik song, and upload it to TikTok.

19. Tell Your Audience Your Story
Tell them where you've been, where you are now, and where you intend to go with your career. This enables them to accompany you on your journey and experience it with you.

20. Recommend Music
Share your favorite music with your audience. They probably feel the same way about it. Adding to this is creating a Spotify playlist for your followers