9 Tips On How You Can Expand Your Network As a Musician

Last updated Sep 13, 2023

9 Tips On How You Can Expand Your Network As a Musician
Being successful in the music industry requires a lot of networking. Whether you're just starting out or trying to advance your career, developing a solid network of music industry contacts can help you achieve your goals way quicker. We'll be giving tips and tactics in this article to help you build your network as a musician.

Face-To-Face: Have you ever wanted to go to a music conference like SXSW, IMF, or ADE? These conferences are the perfect chance to leave the studio for once and network with industry people, go to live panels, and broaden your contacts with other like-minded people there. Also, it's a great time!

Join Online Groups: Get to know other industry people by joining online communities and groups, there are a lot of great community groups out there! This might be a great method to showcase your music, gain feedback on your music or projects, get industry advice and possibly bookings.

Linkedin: LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with other musicians and music industry peers. You should build connections with like-minded people there, see what they are doing, and don't be afraid to reach out to others!

Create a Website: A well-designed and organized website really helps you highlight your work and achievements and connect with professionals in the music industry.

Work With Other Musicians: Working with other musicians can increase your network and establish everlasting relationships with them. You can consider performing, producing, going to industry events together.

Be Professional: Be respectful and professional at all times when networking. Be proactive in seeking opportunities to collaborate or promote your work, and follow up on any contacts you make professionally

Volunteering or Interning: Gain industry experience and develop contacts by volunteering or interning with music companies.

Stay Organized: It's easy to lose track of your contacts. Keep a record of your connections and relationships, and communicate with them frequently. To stay organized, you could use a CRM or contact management tool.

Help Others: When networking, it's easy to only think about what I can get out of this, but also look at what you can do for others. Share your experiences, offer contacts, and help others where you can.