UNIKID Releases debut EP ‘In Time Past’

Last updated Sep 13, 2023

UNIKID Releases debut EP ‘In Time Past’
Following a string of singles, Dutch talent UNIKID has finally returned to tastemaker label Frequency Music to unveil his debut EP “In Times Past” in full. The Amsterdam-based up-and-comer has been steadily rising through the scene over the past couple of years with his charismatic and energetic productions, blending a multitude of genres together while maintaining a consistent, infectious sound.

 “In Times Past” is a true showcase of UNIKID’s vibrant production style, effortlessly transitioning from radio-ready, electronic-pop gems to ambient interludes. Previously-released singles “Kids For Life“ and “Out Of Love” are perfectly reinforced in the tracklist with their anthemic vocal lines and carefree melodies, while “Sober” featuring Deisy masterfully brings together pop and future bass. “In Times Past” and “Silence” encompass the tracklist as the intro and outro respectively, putting the stamp on an ambitious piece of work that is bound to assist in taking UNIKID’s career to the next level.

“The EP is intended as a kind of digital diary for myself, to close an important period for myself. All the songs of the EP contain stories from the past period and that way I was able to close those stories and save them to maybe look back on later. It is also not only a digital diary for myself, but also for others. In this way I want to close this period, to make room for a new period. The EP is a way for me to process my memories and events.” - UNIKID

‘In Time Past’ is available now, listen here!