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Frequency Music offers advanced technology & marketing for labels, artists, distributors and rightsholders.

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Frequency Music is a dynamic team full of passionate and ambitious people based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We aim everyday to do better than before and are always seeking new opportunities within the music industry in different services:

Digital Rights Management

Smart Digital Rights Management

Manage and grow your catalog all in one place.

Our Smart Digital Rights Management tools removes all your stress, allowing you to self-manage, receive monthly reporting and support within 24h. Frequency Music is a certified partner to detect usages on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and many other major platforms. Onboarded labels, artists, distributors and rightsholders are given a data-driven and transparent platform by being able to view and manage their content and see in-depth analytic data. This approach to Rights Management is unique in the industry.

Smart Monetization

A great and unique opportunity to protect while monetizing your Free To Use catalog.

Do you let Content Creators use your music for free and you only ask them to credit you? Many Content Creators aren’t following your crediting guidelines. We found a solution to police that it remains fair to the Content Creators and Rights Owners.

We work based on the credit and channel allow listing policy given by the Rights Owner. From here on, our platform is able to validate whether a claim will be made. If a Content Creator follows the policy then he/she won’t run the risk of receiving a claim. Any requests from the Content Creators will be handled within 24h.

Together developed with and part of We Are Era Netherlands. Giving you a short line to work on any Brand Deals, Artist Management, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation and New Business Streams.

Label Services

Artist Fanbase Building

For artists or brands that want to develop their own fanbase.

The first thing we do is connect you with our team of creatives, and set-up a meeting to discuss in-depth career development. We will do everything in our power to support you, whether that means assisting you in the creative process, giving guidelines and additional tips for your brand, or creating awareness of all the disciplines that need to be taken care of on your journey within the music industry.

Release Planning & Playlisting

Something Frequency Music really stands out for is their way of close-support.

We leave a lot of room for your own initiatives and desires, and try to walk through the complex process of successfully releasing music together. Discussing goals for both your release and for yourself as an artist is also very important to us. We will also explore opportunities for your music to be pitched to a wide range of playlists, from independent to editorial.

Marketing Funding, Airplay, PR

Crafting a musical career takes time and hard effort and therefore is based on long-term plans and a certain vision.

We are always open to discussing further possibilities such as elevated funding, airplay, larger promotional campaigns, and creative ways to showcase your music and your potential. Per project, we will be setting up customized marketing campaigns to boost your musical career.


You’ll get access to our transparent monthly reporting system.

In our easy-to-use reporting system, you can track results and audience insights, as well as the way your music performs in certain key markets and regions. All data that are visible there are also linked to our system, which gives a monthly specified overview for everyone who is involved in the production, showing statements, best tracks, shops and markets. 

Publishing Administration

Global Publishing Administration

For artists that want to focus on writing, instead of administering music.

We can take care of everything that might not be on your mind while in a songwriting session. We have years of experience in controlling and protecting an artist’s musical rights and keeping them safe from all online fingerprinting systems on a worldwide scale. Through our track-by-track system, that we apply on the entirety of our music catalogue, we offer the same level of security for all of our releases.


We pitch your music to a broad network of curators and industry professionals in an accessible way for our B2B clients.

Besides our service as a partner who registers and protects your music worldwide, we are also continuously exploring opportunities for your music to be pitched for syncs on advertisements, TV-shows, films, videogames etc. Musicians and writers can benefit by our tech-driven approach and our long-term relationships with partners, as we make sure all types of publishing royalties are tracked down and paid out. 


Our back-end allows us to give you a plain, yet detailed overview on your accounting.

In case your song gets synchronized in any piece of visual media, we register the music and its metadata. From here on out, you can easily track all the efforts and information, as well as the income that is generated from the sync via our back-end system, the same way it works when releasing your music through out label.

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